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Why Rapport?

"A recent test of best-of-breed anti-virus vendors and Web browser anti-phishing filters revealed that more than half of active malware and phishing threats on the Internet go undetected, with an average detection rate of 37 percent for malware and 42 percent for phishing." Cyveillance, February 2009

Recent malware is capable of stealing your login credentials to online banking, brokerage, shopping, ecommerce, email, and social networking websites. Even if the site is deemed "secure", fraudsters can use your online account to execute unauthorized transactions, place orders, send emails, and much more.

Trusteer Rapport works standalone or alongside any desktop security solution. It hides your login credentials and web communication from any type of malware and prevents unauthorized access to your accounts. You should use Rapport even if your computer runs the most updated antivirus solution.

How does it Work?

When you browse to a website the Trusteer Rapport icon appears in or near the browser’s address bar. The icon is green when Rapport is protecting your communication with the website:

And the icon is grey when the communication is not protected:

Rapport comes preconfigured to protect certain websites which are working directly with Trusteer to give their valued customers the best protection possible.

Of course, you should have Rapport protect you on all websites where you login or where you can read or send sensitive information.

To activate Rapport protection, browse to the website, click the grey Rapport icon, and then click the “Protect this Website” button.

Trusteer recommends you activate Rapport protection on any websites where you are sending your online identity.

On protected websites you can click the green Rapport icon for more information about the forms of protection provided by Rapport for that website.


If you do not see the Rapport icon, please verify you are using a supported browser.
If you were able to see the icon before but after installing a Rapport update cannot, please quit your browser and open it again.

If you encounter problems with Rapport please contact Trusteer support:

Our support is free - do not hesitate to contact !

More information about Rapport is available here:

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